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The 44th edition of Miss Intercontinental 2015 took place at Grand Ballroomin the Maritim Congress Hotel, Magdeburg, Germany. The finale concluded with the crowning of Valentina Rasulova as the new Miss Intercontinental. Valentina Rasulova represented Russia at the pageant. She battled out 62 other contestants to claim the title of Miss Intercontinental. She was also the winner of Best Body subtitle and won Miss Europe continental queen. She was crowned by the outgoing queen, Patraporn Wang from Thailand, as the new winner. Before the Finale all delegates had an amazing week and journey to the cities of Frankfurt, Bremen and Hannover. Visits to the Christmas Markets and meeting with the mayor of the city Magdeburg and the breathtaking shooting on the Sky Lounge of the Galeria Kaufhof in Frankfurt are just some of the impressions the 62 delegates took home. We thank all friends, partners for support and looking forward to announce soon the Venue and Host Country of MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2016


Here are the results of the 44th. Miss Intercontinental Pageant:

Valentina Rasulova (Russia) – Winner

Christi Lynn MC Garry (Philippines) – 1st runner up

Brianne Marie Bailey (USA) – 2nd runner up

Katherine Garcia (Venezuela) – 3rd runner up

Bongani Hunda (Zimbabwe) – 4th runner up


Suzette Rivera Sanes (Puerto Rico)

Boonyanee Sungpirom (Thailand) // Glenda Canovere (San Marino)

Daria Sheiko (Ukraine)

Snehapriya Roy (India)

Cho Yeseul (Korea)

Adriana Shaedith (Curacao)

Paulina Cantu (Mexico)

Le Thi Ha Thu (Vietnam)

Agata Bryl (Poland)  // Marika Pfanner (Austria)

Maryan Okafor (Sao Tome)


Results Subtitles:

Best Smile:


The one with a perfect Smile: Veronika Thielova (Czech Republic)




The one with the most cultural and breathtaking costume, it can be reflecting the colors of the Flag or a Fantasy Costume


Yovita Iskandar (Indonesia) – Best National Costume

Jonnelis Gonzales (Panama) – 1st runner up

Snehapriya Roy (India) – 2nd runner up




A title which is chosen among all contestants. Each abstention will count automatically for the delegate of the host country


Fatima  Santano (Spain) – Miss Congeniality




The one with the most glamorous Evening Gown


Daniela Gutierrez Cuartas (Colombia) – Best in Evening Gown

Adriana Shaedith (Curacao) – 1st runner up

Boonyanee Sungpirom (Thailand) – 2nd runner up




The one who is physical in best Shape and can convince the Judges with best performance in the Swimwear Round


Valentina Rasulova (Russia) – Best in Swimwear

Katherine Garcia (Venezuela) – 1st runner up

Suzette Rivera Sanes (Puerto Rico) – 2nd runner up




Here we have asked several local photographers on the 2 week journey to give their comments about the Photo in the Souvenir Book:


Boonyanee Sungpirom (Thailand) – Miss Photogenic

Katherine Garcia (Venezuela) – 1st runner up

Virag Steingruber (Hungary) – 2nd runner up










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Brianne Bailey, Miss Intercontinental USA 2015 WINS Miss North America  Intercontinental 2015  and placed 2nd runner up over all  edging out 68 lovely ladies from around the World in the 44th Edition of Miss Intercontinental 2015.

Valentina Rasulova from Russia crowned Miss Intercontinental 2015 Crowning
Miss Intercontinental 2015 Pageant - National Costume Round Video 1 of 4
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