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Raquel Basco

Miss Intercontinental USA 2017



Raquel Basco is 22 years of age, and currently resides in San Francisco, California. I had the privilege of being a first generation American native in my family, while still being fortunate enough to hold onto my roots and being fluent in Tagalog. I believes that knowledge, hard work, passion, and a proper education is the only way we can make a difference in this world. Thus, I holds a degree in theatre and psychology. Even so, I am currently pursuing a degree in business marketing and a minor in multicultural studies with the intention of running a successful charity on the international level.


My purpose is to be an active member in the community by sharing my experiences and giving a voice to those struggling with mental health disorders. At a young age I was diagnosed with anorexia; the leading cause of death in mental disorders. After two years of treatment I learned the importance of self love and how to stand up for myself. I currently speaks at high schools about mental health issues like anxiety and depression while also finding new ways to combat bullying in school.


My belief that a woman's duty in this world goes far past our looks and traditional gender roles. Rather, it should be focused on how we can conduct ourselves in society.


I hope my time as Miss Intercontinental USA 2017 can further empower my international effort in charity work.


Such as my private charity "Balik to School" in Tondo, Manila which provides children with school supplies. I am also affiliated with a non profit organization that provides orphans in Ghana a home and education along with immediate access to medical healthcare services.


“We are all real people at the end of the day. The crown does not define you, the power lies in the work and the love you put out into the world.” - Raquel Basco


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