USA National Director

             Michael Lewis-McBride

I wanted to welcome all of you to the home of Miss Intercontinental USA. I am very excited to present this opportunity to highlight all the ethnicities and beauty from all over the United States.

The Miss Intercontinental USA Organization is here to provide a life changing opportunity for our contestants.  By joining us, contestants will meet a diverse group of young ladies from around our nation from many backgrounds and hopefully form a sisterhood as they compete for the prestigious honor to win the national title and represent the United States on the WORLD stage of competition. 

Miss Intercontinental USA is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural beauty pageant devoted to promoting the positive aspects of Pageantry. Our motto is “Crown with a Purpose” because knowing your purpose for wearing a crown and sash is just as important as having a strong platform.  We focus on developing confidence and building self-esteem through our coaching, training, and guiding contestants to become active humanitarian leaders.  Keep in mind that is a SERVICE position.

The mission of Miss Intercontinental USA is to develop young ladies who strive to promote health, fitness, self-confidence, self-worth, academic excellence and social support; and to publicly recognize women who have obtained personal, professional and community achievements.  The foundation of our organization is to feature the inner beauty among women of all ethnic groups while producing positive role models for the community.

Competing in Miss Intercontinental USA gives contestants many more opportunities beyond just the crown.  They will meet people from all over the country and could go on to compete in the International competition and see other cultures from around our wonderful world.

We are currently recruiting new State/Regional Directors and applicants for State Delegates.  I sincerely hope you will consider joining our pageant family and look forward to working with all the magnificent State Directors and young ladies in the USA.  We are growing fast and always looking for those individuals who want to participate in empowering women across the United States and live up to our motto: