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Hello Contestants, Directors and Sponsors

I wanted to welcome all of you to the Miss Intercontinental United States pageant. I am very excited to present this opportunity to young ladies of all ethnicity from all over the United States.


Competing in this pageant organization that takes you to an International competition is no easy task.  I have worked  and coached ladies that have competed successfully on both the National and International level.


We are currently accepting new State Directors and applications for State Delegates.  I sincerely hope you will consider joining our pageant family and look forward to working with all the magnificent State Directors and young ladies in the USA.


The  Miss Intercontinental United States Organization is here to provide a life changing opportunity for the contestants.  They will  meet a diverse group of young ladies from around our nation and form a sisterhood as they compete for the prestigious honor to win the national title and represent the United States  on the WORLD stage of competition  to become an International star as Miss Intercontinental."   Keep in mind that this position is a SERVICE position.  Be the change you seek and inspire others.


I am looking forward to getting to know each of you and watch your progress. You are all beautiful, intelligent and talented young women with bright futures ahead of you. I hope you enjoyed this experience and have gained some new life skills from it. Thank you to the families and friends of the contestants. We appreciate your love and support of these young women.

Enjoy the show that we have prepared for your enjoyment and thank you for joining us!


Whether you are a contestant, parent, sponsor, friend, contractor, or other participant, the Miss Intercontinental United States door is always open to you to join us.




If you can dream it! You can achieve it!

USA National Director - Michael Lewis McBride

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